2023 - 2024


Sarah is increasingly interested in work that combines performance, installation, writing and film. In 2022 she collaborated with composer James Keane & filmmaker Charlie Doherty to present three film installations: Merry Andra, Larmes de Clown; Grief, End o' Aw Days & PHENOMENON #1 & #2 - exhibited in scratch form (as part of her ongoing project experiments in emotion) at the Open House strand of Brighton Fringe. Sarah is currently  focusing on moving image, performance and poetry. As part of the experiments in emotion project, Sarah is also creating pret-a-porter sculpture, exploring prevailing themes of sorrow, grief and rage and how they manifest in 3 dimensions.

Sarah has just received a transformational and life-affirming diagnosis of ADHD, which has put her life into technicolour perspective. After years of collaboration and as her children move into late teens, Sarah re-establishes sole authorship of her work. 

Sarah was born in Dundee, Scotland. She trained at Chelsea School of Art (sculpture) and Ecole International de Theatre Jacque Lecoq in Paris. She has worked extensively in theatre, both movement and text based, as well as creating installation performance works. Between 2015-2017 Sarah performed her solo show THE RED CHAIR with Clod Ensemble.  The dramatic text of The Red Chair is published by Bloomsbury Methuen. The Red Chair is an award-winning solo show directed by Suzy Willson with music by Paul Clark.