artist    writer    performer    mother    feminist

Sarah's work weaves together fulgent threads of various disciplines; performing, moving, writing, drawing, speaking, making in moving image. In heart and soul she's a sculptor. How she fabricates stuff may not take plastic 3 dimensional form but she conceives, makes, hears, maps, sees, senses and experiences what she makes in 3 dimensions. Sarah is currently writing the screenplay for The Red Chair. The Red Chair was originally written as a novel. Thanks to Clod Ensemble and Fuel Theatre The Red Chair is now an award-winning solo show. 

The dramatic text of The Red Chair is published by Bloomsbury Methuen

The Podcast
for The Red Chair  

The Red Chair is "a memorable ballad that revels in its soaring, exhilarating imaginative freedom, and also, through its astonishing language, (The Red Chair) marks a vital staging-post in the reinvention of a Scottish voice in theatre – one that, after years of linguistic stasis, comes not a moment too soon."  

Sarah is also writing a 2-hander for theatrea new poem narrative and working on performance/installation Iraq and Every Other Bloody War whilst establishing workshops with her company school of creation.