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created, written, directed, performed (and camera) by sarah cameron 1999
camera Andy Rumball
thanks to Jordan Andreopoulos JAMvfx and brand new 2022 score by James Keane 


inspired by PHENOMENON 1999 in 2022
this is a very rough scratch excerpt, the film is in the making, the writing aye in the writing 
PHENOMENON 2022 is part of a 5 film installation
created, written, directed by sarah cameron
camera charlie doherty
music/sound  James Keane

experiments in emotion

experiments in emotion was born through The Open House strand of Brighton Festival in 2022. I chose to use The Open House as an open studio. PHENOMENON 1999, originally shown in MY OLD MAN SAID FOLLOW THE VAN curated by Carolina Grau was resurrected and its accompanying poem, though rough, had good bones from which to birth a new piece of writing and the performance film PHENOMENON 22. The works in experiments in emotion were all realised, made, written, filmed, played, scored and performed in the 2 months just before the exhibition (in the case of the Super 8 film PHENOMENON 99 (and the pret-a-porter sculpture Chapeau de Jalousie - pret-a-porter sculpture's page is under construction) re-born. Each was either a sketch or a work in progress, the intuitive brushstrokes of works in flux, motion, enquiry. The challenge was to show my working process within the strict boundary of a limited time-frame, no matter where I was currently in terms of practice, knowledge or research; also, to initiate immersion and freedom of play without judgement, question, fear or even aim; liberation after a period of stasis, both self-imposed and (pandemically) imposed; engagement with the world after a period of isolation and change; restoration of former skills and inquiry into new ones. The experiment has manifested several long-term projects.

text for this section:

the fizz an’ curse (section five) the commotion


bloatit sooted-booted secks 

o’feechie fyle veenality *disgusting foul


maire onON maire o’feelthy ill-got booty *more filthy


savage, perfumt SCUM

seek-o’pense, void o’milken-kindness seeck-of-thought *sick of mind

faur-socht*, malverse*, soulless *scheming *corrupt,dishonest

creepin-kneesy-tap-beastie-sodden-cerpet pander tae thiefie king an’ Queenie

fill stufft yir oily pockets wi oor money *stuffed your

oor dosh! Ugh


scunnersome hertless *FUDS *abhorrent dicks

schamin eejit leear *THUGS *scheming idiot *liar

cruddy hoity-toity murhtherin’ bawBAGS *curdled murdering scrotums

o’crockination* an’ HATE destruction

take take take

…aw swindling swickerie* *swindlng

a deal a dab a wadge fou* o’ dollar *full

grinnin’ idlers

butcherin’ ivery livin’ creatur

tae bluidy smasherie an’ ruinage,

gettin’ feelthy rich an’ plush filthy


vapid tae the crusty brim, BARRON

o’ empathy, humaneety

nae drap o’common decency in yourn stiff-upper & tart souls

Souls! Youse dinnae hae any!

- the weans stairve

mithers, faithers wirk lifeless an’ breathless

eildit an’ infirm dinnae hae a chancie *elderly

scholarts nae hae time tae study jest tryin’ tae find the money

futurs boond by det & bill

bombs iver drapp frae BLAH BLAH tae BLAH BLAAT *drop

biblical in pairt

coffers ower-flow wi’ bluid-draigelt profeet *blood drenched profit

an’ the-whiles we gasp fir breath

youse powdert dandies perty *party


quaffin’ liquid ruby an’ sperklin’ gowd *sparkling

ramshin’ gowd encrustit chooks an’ hams *chickens

gowd ice-cake an’ middle-finger emerant sponge *emerald

stuffin’ siller coinage up gash an’ erse *vagina and arse

ivery sodden orifice

wi’ ransackt drip an’ swag

cos there’s nae maire space in yer hoose, yer bank!

An we, we the near rest o’ the warld ,be damned


We, the great unwasht


oor lungs arreestit arrested

cos youse bandits have stole ivry pairt o’the globe *every part

frae ivery human an’ ainimal soul. animal


Feck off! feck

Youse too can jest feck off

FECK OFF intil an ditch


DIE, youse odorous, silken-kittet FRAUDS

Youse bumptious unctuous wanthrift TURDS extravagant

DIE a yaukin-pine, lanerly, dunk an’ clarty daith *agonising/ *lonely/ *damp/*dirty

let nae-soul keep tender yon luvless haund til the hereafter

let kelt an’jobbied flea-sappit rats ramsh rank flesh *very dirty/ *shitty/flea-soaked/gobble


root by root

gowd-dippt teeth

an’ whiles youse aye quiverin’-breathe,

may fylt black beetle slorach satin gem-filt ears soiled/eat noisily, slobber

slaw, slaw slow

that we may hear youse yelp an’ squaw

in agonisin’ thraws

let sleepperie wirm sup-upo’ slochie* pumpt maw slippery/*slimy

an’ jelly een* *eye

while youse guffaw guffaw


an’ may slaikit, bausie tongue beslobbering/large, fat, course

hivy an’taut wi deessemblin’, dissemling

aye evisceratin’ the poverty-struck,

the knackert

the burnt oot

seekin’ tae live athoot

squalor war famine

may thon tongue rot,

turn black an’thick as dung,

an faw aff fall off



Bottler* an maggot *bluE bottle

be soleetary freends

when thon brain is ate by creamy wrigglin’ beasties

heid crackt sindert * apart

boilt egg mush

bowfin unholy maukit * stench smelly/filthy, decayed, putrid

grub pus an’ foulest excrement

be aye alert

tae squeerms an’ teeny-tiny maws gobblin’

frae cerveau tae erse-hole tae soul brain/arse-hole




anguisht in terreefication an’ crushin’ pain terror

nae howp o’resurrection, or gain

let mangey merciless hell-hoond

frichtsome o’canine fang frightful

ane by ane

shred lairdy-digits, fat-a’dreepin’ lardy

frae greasin’ erses the continents far-streechin’

let frenzied mutt devour

ilk cunnin’ joint an’ deegit athoot surrender each/digit/without

rip whack tear spleet *split

cleave guzzle slerp

an’ verra verra toothsome

afore yourn weepin’ een,

sclice yon spleen, slice

shraid snooty snout raw, gnaw shred

bluid draigelt bone drenched

NOWT but massacre

Karma fir millenia o’plunder, slauchter, murder


know well that youse are

but dist dist dist


awa tae rot in hell,

Youse suppurating gang o’ne’re’do’well!

Youse villains, bruits,

crabs strippt hellish nakit

Niver tae atone

Flayed til bone

Anerly wicket o’ deed